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  1. marie kamara says:

    my name is marie kamara. i need for jesus to give me sign. i need for the spirit to direct me to the path i need to go and remove all blockage. i need for the holy spirit to give me the strenght to let go of people that are blocking the direction for e to go. i need for jesus to make me hav high respect for myself and make me want more in life, in jesus name i pray amen

  2. Dolly Ziegler says:

    Hi Pastor Lee/Pattie…

    Just wanted to invite you and Tammy to the Marty Goetz Concert this Saturday. Check out this link:

    Many Blessings!


  3. Prayer for sister Charlenes Cancer Test Results this week., Pray for healing please in Jesus Name! Also prayer for Tajohns behavior and Sister Shirleyanne’s Health Issues. Also prayer for Billy to get into a healthy relationship in the future. Prayer for Joahna’s& Jama engagement that the Lord would order her steps and if it’s the wrong person separate them. Prayer for Carl Livingston for God’s favor and blessings and that no weapon formed against his ministry or life would prosper. Prayer Carl Livingston for protection and favor and the blessings of God upon his life and job and church would be blessed. Prayer for Pastor Willis wife to be healed and their finances made whole, and the churches under his leadership would grow in every way. Prayer for Pastor Benson and family, to walk in their calling. Prayer for Alyce to find a good full time Job and peace, she needs a job to support her family. Prayer for our Brother Royce for wisdom, understanding, to hear the voice of God Loud and clear, prayer for a miracle, mercy, and favor and blessings to be upon him and his family and those who love him. Also pray that Isaiah 54:17 would cover Brother Royce’s life, and that he would have the right job and finances would be abundant. Prayer for Brother Royce in court system, and everyone connected, and the favor of God would prevail. Also prayer for 3 individuals who are sick and one has cervical cancer, healing for Sharons lungs. Prayer for R. Hirsch & J. Langford to be led and filled with the Holy Spirit and love of Jesus Christ. Prayer for Charlene Dixon who is fighting cancer, to be healed. Also prayer for Brother Royces Court situation to operate with integrity, excellence, wisdom, knowledge, skill, favor and be touched and surrounded by the Holy Spirit. Prayer for Debbie & Samantha to end the cycle of Alcoholism in their lives. Prayer for brother sharon Ocain to get saved and be obedient and follow the Holy Spirit and any demonic forces would be cast out and away fr om his heart and mind in Jesus Name. Prayer for Brother Tim and Byron for mercy grace and favor. Prayer for Kim Brown for healing in her body, so her and her husband can have a baby. Prayer for Brother Bo school and favor. Prayer for Judy who is struggling with severe weight gain, prayer for her to be able to control and lose the excess weight. Prayer for Brother Young’s left eye to be healed without more surgery. Prayer for Shaunda’s kids, finances housing and strength as she deals with the state, may God give her favor in the name of Jesus. Prayer for the leadership of Ecclesia Church and their finances and growth. Prayer for Charles Widley who just had two heart attacks in one day. Praying for Chris Ausler who had surgery and is in recovery, prayer for Howard Mostrom for his job and finances. Prayer for, Henry Wesley healing from cancer. Prayer for Ayessha L, Louie, Jiesharae, George L, Alexa, and Chelsea for finances, protection direction and a closer walk with Christ. Prayer for Mary Wesley to obtain the desire to eat food. Prayer for Sister Danicka’s Niece who just ran away. Prayer for Shawn Williams to have peace and be released from the storm he has been in for years. Prayer for healing Aleteena suffering with multiple health issues including cancer diagnosis, she needs he aling. Prayer for Janita and Charles and their marriage, to be strengthened and flurish. Prayer for Mr Barber and Ramona to be obedient to the Holy Spirit. Prayer for Ken who is having brain sugery. Barbara Debato for her heart transplant. Sister Danickas Prayer: for my niece Kayla’s behavior. She has been lying and stealing since she has been back.; pray for my stepdad’s healing from his alcohol addiction; pray for my mom’s fear of driving; pray for my nephews: Malachi and Termaine; pray for Monique; pray for me balance everything and not to get overwhelmed, to do well in school and pray for my housing and financial situation. Prayer for La mar Brianna and Keisha to get back to their church. Healing for Keisha and Janice in their heart s and minds. Prayer for Ecclesia Church and every demonic chain to be broken and the ministry grow in every way numerically, financially, in obedience and faith and spiritually. Prayer for Minister Donavehn who is not currently attending any church. Prayer for Charles to get a new job. Prayer for Francine to find full time permanent employment soon. Prayer for Samantha & Kenny Jr to make good choices. Prayer for the following brothers to have the blessings and favor of God, Rhone, Snow, Tony, Morris, Ted, Maurice, and Dampier. Prayer for Mercedes to focus on school and focus on the Lord. Prayer that God would touch the heart of Sharon Carrol and fill her with love and the spirit of God. Prayer for Gods Blessings in the lives of Jeanne, Judy, Leigh, Allen, Ricky, Sharon, and Edna. Prayer for Byron & Tim regarding court cases they both need mercy and favor. Prayer for healing of Brother Royce and his finances, and a hedge of protection around him. Healing for Minister Taylor. Prayer request for Surgery on Versa, Prayer for her son Carlos, Maurice’s family during the time of their loss, prayer for Loretta’s kidney issue for healing, Prayer for Mrcac Mount of Restoration Church and their pastor and the building . Prayer for sister Ausler & care giver and son deliverance. Prayer for a full time permanent job for Minister Taylor and a good supervisor in Jesus Name! Bless Leigh Hayes in her engagement and bless her finances and children as she is seeking promotion favor and a house to purchase. Prayer for Leona and her job situation for favor. Prayer for Angela Mathis and her daughter Janet who are struggling with the passing of their mother, pray for their peace of mind please. Prayer for Sister Judys’ job and all the transitions happening covering for Sister Judy, wisdom and favor and elevation. Prayer for Hugh and Ramona to do the will of God and follow the Holy Spirit. Prayer for Gracie for healing in her body. Prayer for Howard Mostrom and upcoming IRS issue and Helen Worthen to help with the tax issues and help o ther clients. Lewis SSI evaluation, Prayer for Tim Dog who was in ICU, William Prayer that my new apartment comes through continued blessing. pray for Mother Sullen an d Morris Family, Prayer for sister Leighs house search schooling and future marriage to be blessed. Prayer for Sis Tommie in NY Pray for her job, The school district no longer provides health care and they are struggling to meet payroll. Prayer for Vern who is needing and wanting to quit smoking and get closer to the Lord and find a good job. Prayer for the outreach ministry True Vine/Live Oaks churches financial spiritual and numerical growth. Prayer for Kyle Lynch to obtain employment and to give his life to the Lord. Prayer for Theodore Rhone pray for victory and release of this mighty man of God.Tavleen Gordon- young girl has bone cancer, Please pray for her Mom as they go through this trial. Martha & Hugo – husband Hugo cancer, Sis Sam Howard and Family – Uncle passed. Diane Willoughby and Family – Niece n law has rare cancer Sarah Ellis & Family – Auntie had surgery. Prayer for Catina to stop smoking. Mercedes safe traveling through the mountain passes. Prayer for baby Paytons eye sight to be healed. Prayer for Hazel for protection and favor, prayer for Paula regarding her job situation. Prayer for Joe to be hired full time and permanent. Prayer for Anissa’s brother and his struggles. Prayer for Marcus relocation efforts to be a blessing. Prayer for a good paying full time job for brother Royce to support his family in Jesus Name. Prayer for Laylonnie to be healed of cancer. Prayer for Maurice Jordan and his struggles with recidivism, that the Lord would break the bonds of addiction and set him free for good. Prayer for ShirleyAnn for healings and deliverance. Prayer for Julian Reyes, Leon Jordan for deliverance and the favor of God as they are incarcerated. Prayer for Twinnette who is going through some difficult challeges. Prayer for Aquilla and her childrens safety and the strength to leave an physically abusive relationship. Prayer for Pastor Roosevelts health and Rev Rons Preaching to be with more power and anointing. Prayer for sisters Alyce’s daughter who is acting out in some negative ways. Prayer for Edwardo. Lewis to come to church and surrender to the Lord. Prayer for Anissa to have a closer walk with the Lord. Prayer for the Salavation and return of the following people to church on a regular basis Lamar & Brianna, Keisha, Jiesharae Zaim, Alexa, Kathy Veasley, Ronald Johnson, Jasmine Veasley, Jordan Veasley, Trey Hughes, Pervis and Mary Johnson, Rev Chad, Mercedes, Samantha, Chelsea, Louie, Sister Allen, Donnie. Prayer for Mother phyliss to get some help with her mothers Health Care in the Name of Jesus. Prayer for Sister Ash to find the way out of a unhealthy relationship that is affecting her in many negative ways. Prayer for Brother Joey and full restoration and deliverance in Jesus Name. Prayer for Tonya who has fluid on her lungs, prayer for healing and deliverance. Prayer for Lovely that she gets accepted to college with the favor of God. Prayer for the depression Jack is feeling to leave and he and his wifes finances to improve in Jesus Name.

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